Zafehouse Diaries


Board games, role-playing and zombies all in one single video game


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Zafehouse Diaries is a strange video game that mixes elements from traditional board games and the role-playing games that have been around forever with a very successful zombie setting where your goal is to survive.

On the one hand, Zafehouse Diaries presents you with an adventure where the main scene is nothing other than a game board. The board is of a house, to be more precise, but in the end it's a game board. You have to move your different characters around the board in order to find resources and secure your position.

Of course, in addition to this traditional board game setup (which is even more apparent due to the fact that your characters are represented by game pieces), there is also a lot of role-playing content in Zafehouse Diaries. Each character has his or her own characteristics or attributes, and even the story that you create influences the game a lot.

Zafehouse Diaries is a unique experience that does an exceptional job of combining genres to offer a fun video game that you will want to play again and again. You can spend hours and hours playing it before it gets boring.

The demo only allows you to play for 48 hours.

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